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About WSH Asia

WSHA Advocators

WSHA Advocators are ordinary people who had sign up with us (FREE) and agreed to share workplace safety & health information to people they know. All WSHA Advocators who receive our informative newsletter, will share WSH information by forwarding our newsletter to people they know.
We strongly believe that by sharing safety & health information, someone’s live could be saved!

The Why

Raymond Wat, the founder of WSH (Asia), owner of WSHAGUIDE.COM, got inspired by an International Federation for Powered Access by which he is representing, starting a platform to bring all workplace safety & health stakeholders in this region together!

The Big Dream

We aim to be the simple resource safety professionals turn to for such information. There are many subject matter experts out there who are willing to share their experience with anyone! Therefore, it is my dream to bring all subject matter experts (internationally) into one online portal where everyone can contribute & benefit from this online ecosystem for workplace safety and health! In WSHAGUIDE.COM you will find subject matter experts who are able to share in-depth insights on their specialty. (For example, a Mobile Elevating Work Platform subject matter expert will be able to share more on why a fall restrain and not a fall arrest system is needed on all boom type platforms.) At the same time, mentioning of products or services are welcome here as we acknowledge that products or services can be important factors in solving WSH problems!

The Concept

Safety & health is not just a workplace issue. Home & school safety is very much the same as well. Therefore workplace safety and health education should not start only when we enter into the workforce. It should begin at homes and in schools so that safety cultures are formed even before one steps into the workforce. With this, we can be certain that when an individual goes into the workforce, he or she is already attuned into safety & health.

The Way Around

Our aim is to spread workplace safety & health information to as many people as possible. Therefore, besides using Advocators to help forward WSH information to their contacts, we are trying to spread WSH information by attracting users to our platform with Jobs application and Request for Quotations application as well. All WSHAGUIDE.COM users will receive WSH information from our newsletter and are encouraged to forward these WSH information to their contacts, thus continuing the chain of WSH information to any many people as possible.

The WSHAGuide Team

Raymond Wat
Raymond Wat - Founder of

Raymond represents an international association in the powered access sector who recognize the importance of stakeholders getting together to improve safety.

While working in the powered access industry Raymond realized the importance of safety and how safety can be achieved when stakeholders come together. As a marketing guy with the desire to help improve the culture of health and safety, Raymond realized he could create a platform for individuals, companies, associations, safety professions, and suppliers, to collaborate and share workplace safety & health information.

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