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10/16/17, 11:56 AM

Fatigue at work

“I am too tired to work”

“Over-tired from work”

“Urgh, I HATE Mondays!”





1.     Extreme ex.....

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The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) will be stepping up enforcement measures to improve vehicular safety at workplaces.

A ministry spokesman said yesterday that more than 250 inspections are planned over the next eight weeks.

Vehicular inci.....

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A workplace fatality involving an exploding bitumen emulsion tank has important lessons for industry according to WorkSafe New Zealand.

On 30 November last year, an employee of Corboy Earthmovers Limited in Te Awamutu was killed when emulsio.....

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The working environment is a particularly powerful determinant of health and has a significant impact on the employee’s mood. In today’s context of economic globalisation, the occupational environment is delivering increas.....

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